Grace on Broadway Cabinet & Furniture Refinishing: What We Do, What We Use, and Why

While we understand and appreciate that there are many products and many ways to do things. We believe it is essential for our clients and followers to know what we do, what we use, and why. So here it is 🙂

Prep... Prep... And More Prep...

Gace on Broadway perparation
The finished product is only as good as the prep! Everything needs proper prep work, period. There are zero shortcuts, zero products that require zero prep, zero; you can't change my mind. Our prep can look different based on each job and the products used prior.


We ALWAYS Clean With A Degreaser

We ALWAYS get the surface as clean as possible, including using dental picks to get all the ick out ALL of it off the surface. We always wipe with denatured alcohol. Repeat and add products as necessary. We want the products to adhere to the cleanest surface possible.

We Exclusively (I don't use this term lightly) Use SurfPrep Sanding Products

We sand before and between each layer. We sand to create adhesion. We sand to create a smooth surface. We sand to remove imperfections, to remove the grain. We have two 3x4 sanders and an orbital sander. We use our 3x4s the most. The foam pads let us get over profiles and details, as every inch matters! The lightweight, low vibration, and small handle of these sanders allow us to use them for extended periods with less bodily impact than others on the market. Our sanders have vacuum suction that cleans the dust as we work! The benefits of this in our workshop and clients' homes seem pretty obvious.

We have a SurfPrep inspection light

Grace on Broadway using Surfprep light
This light is SUPER bright! It sits on the table and lets us see allllll the things on the doors!! How can we fix what we can't see? If the door looks great in this light, it will look great anywhere!

Renner Primer

Grace on Broadway Using Primer
Think of primer as your foundation to your finish. Renner is a strong product, highly durable, and long-lasting. It is mildew resistant (helpful in a kitchen, right). It also has fantastic coverage and hiding power (going from cherry or oak to white, this is important to stop bleed through points). We also utilize it to fill that pesky oak grain.

Milesi Wood Coatings 2k

We catalyze our products to make them stronger and more resistant to scratches and stains. While 1k products are still a better choice than wall or furniture paint, using a 2k catalyzed product is the superior coating, especially for kitchens. These coatings stand the test of the use, heat, and chemicals in the kitchen.

Our products are always sprayed

Heather Spraying wood coating
We spray in our workshop and your home. We do not roll or brush apply. Why not? These products were designed to be exclusively sprayed. While they can be brushed, they were not designed to be. Spraying allows an even, smooth application you can't get with a roller or a brush. While it may require more prep (there's that word again) on-site to mask and contain the area, a bit more cleaning up, and some extra training. It is by far the best and in our company the only option. The best sprayers we recommend are HVLP Apollo Sprayers HVLP or Airless TriTech Industries Inc. Both are American-made workhorses that will elevate your process.

We Use PaintLine Racks To Stack & Dry Doors & Drawer Faces

Grace on Broadway using paint line co drying rack

These large racks allow us ample space to get everything sprayed and dried efficiently.

Random tools we have in our workshop can all be found here .

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