Breathing New Life To Furniture Featuring Milesi Wood Coatings in West highland White and Inspired By U Integrity

Welcome to Grace on Broadway, where we dive into the world of professional kitchen cabinet and furniture refinishing!

Here, we'll take you on a journey of how we breathed new life into a tired old handed down family piece cabinet, giving it a fresh and elegant look with a beautiful white finish. Get ready to be inspired and discover the step-by-step process behind this stunning transformation.

  1. Unveiling the Hidden Potential: The journey of any furniture transformation starts with spotting the hidden potential within an old piece. Our eyes locked onto customer's worn-out Family Piece cabinet, envisioning the possibilities it held. We were captivated by its unique structure and knew it deserved a second chance to shine.

  2. Prepping the Cabinet: Before picking up a sprayer, we had to give the cabinet some TLC. We began by thoroughly cleaning the surface, removing years of grime and dust. Next, we carefully inspected the structure for any repairs needed, such as loose hinges or damaged edges. Once everything was in order, we embarked on the exciting journey of refinishing.

  3. The Perfect Shade of White: Choosing the right paint color is crucial for achieving the desired aesthetic. In this case, we opted for a crisp and timeless white with a touch of black for the door. We wanted to brighten up the space where the cabinet would reside and create an inviting atmosphere.

  4. Surface Preparation: To ensure a flawless result, we invested time in proper surface preparation. We started by sanding the cabinet using our Surf Prep Sander to create a smooth and even base for the paint. Afterward, we applied a high-quality primer, allowing it to bond effectively and enhance the durability of the final finish.

  5. Mastering the Sprayer: The actual spray painting process required patience and attention to detail. We carefully selected a high-grade sprayer from Apollo designed for smooth application. With steady hands, we started from the top and worked our way down, ensuring even coverage and minimizing visible spray strokes. Multiple thin coats were applied to achieve a consistent and lustrous white finish.

  6. Adding Personalized Touches: Once the cabinet had been transformed with its beautiful white coat, we couldn't resist adding a few personalized touches. We selected elegant and minimalist hardware that perfectly complemented the cabinet's new aesthetic. The knobs added a touch of sophistication, elevating its overall appeal.

  7. The Grand Reveal: The moment arrived when we unveiled the fully refinished white cabinet in its new space. The transformation was nothing short of breathtaking! The once-neglected piece now exuded a fresh and modern charm. Its presence illuminated the room, effortlessly blending in with the surrounding decor.

  8. Lessons Learned and Tips: Throughout the project, we encountered valuable lessons that we're excited to share with you. One important tip is to invest in high-quality sanders and sprayers, as they significantly impact the final result. Additionally, take your time with surface preparation for a flawless finish, and don't be afraid to experiment with different hardware options to achieve the perfect balance.

The journey of transforming a tired old cabinet into a stunning refinished white beauty has been a rewarding experience. Witnessing the power of a fresh coat of paint has inspired us to continue exploring the endless possibilities in the world of furniture restoration. We hope this post has sparked your creativity and encouraged you to embark on your own refinished furniture projects.

Remember, with a vision and a few tools, you can turn any tired piece into a showstopper.

Now, take a look at the before and after images of this said furniture.

Project Details:
  • The cabinet was sprayed with Milesi Wood Coatings in West highland White and Inspired By U Integrity

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