Stained Glass Window Out of Paper (Découpage)

Have you noticed how beautiful old churches and establishments are with their stained-glass windows? Don’t you just wish that you had one in your home? Well, it’s your lucky day because you’re going to learn how to do it using découpage into your humble home’s window!

This is perfect for those windows that you want to permanently cover or shade out. This is a super simple, super easy, Do It Yourself project that can transform any glass window into a gorgeous stained-glass window!


The Products that I used are as follows:




Step 1 – Cut the découpage using a razor blade for each glass panel. I used Sincere Vision Grace on Design Découpage in this project. It doesn’t have to be perfect but make sure it fits each panel. Its also a good idea to add a little bit of extra decoupage for each panel than not enough.

 Cutting Decoupage

Step 2 - Apply topcoat on the glass surface. This will act like a glue for your decoupage. I used Clear Coat Satin by Eye Love Hue. Make sure to apply just enough clear coat on the surface because applying too much will make your decoupage soaked and fragile and might end up breaking.

 Topcoat Application on Glass

Step 3 – Place the decoupage with the image facing forward on the glass surface with topcoat on and you can use your fingers, your Rad Pad's foam part or even the abrasive part, or your blue tool to smoothen the decoupage out and remove all the wrinkles and bubbles.

Note – If there are portions on your decoupage that’s not adhering, just add topcoat below those portions and continue scraping the bubbles and wrinkles out.

Decoupage Application on Glass

Just repeat the process for all of the glass panel and enjoy your new Stained Glass Window.

Finish Product

Stained Glass


This method can also be applied to any kind of project, so be sure to explore and don’t be afraid to use what you learned here to make your very own furniture art!


Watch the full video tutorial for this project here

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