All-in-One Decor Paint - Poppy - Grace on Broadway

All-in-One Decor Paint - Poppy

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Poppy is a radiant, bold red. Inspired by fields of poppy flowers, this is the brightest and boldest red in our collection. It radiates a strong and powerful energy and looks lovely next to more neutral colors, such as Lazy Linen. Poppy is sure to make a statement on any piece. Chalk-style furniture paint. Certified ultra low VOC and eco-friendly, all-in-one decor paint contains clay and minerals to give you amazing adhesion and long-lasting durability with little-to-no prep work required. Whether your goal is to make your furniture look shabby chic or contemporary, you’ll love how silky soft and smooth this paint glides on. The wonderfully chalky matte finish is easy to distress, yet very durable.