Zibra 2 Inch Chiseled Wedge Paint Brush - Grace on Broadway

Zibra 2 Inch Chiseled Wedge Paint Brush

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Zibra 2 inch chiseled paint brush

Perfect for all your DIY projects large and small

Introducing the Chiseled Wedge Painter’s Brush.  We observed that consumers are forced into one of two brushes when painting, angled sash or straight, and, those two brushes require consumers, and pros alike, to make do with those brushes for a myriad of painting applications. Imagine a brush that combines the best features of the two standard brushes but includes added features to make it the best all around brush on the market – the perfect edger, trimmer and straight brush. We believe that by combining the two standard brushes, and adding a thicker more robust filament pack-out along with a chiseled and honed tip, we could achieve one of the finest brushes ever created. The Chiseled Edge Series

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