Creating a Space of Timeless Beauty Featuring a Kitchen Refinished in Mindful Grey and Sea Serpent Wood Coating

Welcome to Grace on Broadway, the pinnacle of refinishing excellence in New Jersey.

If you're seeking to breathe new life into your kitchen and create a space of timeless beauty, look no further. With our top-of-the-line refinishing process and use of premium materials like the one we used here in our client's kitchen which is ICA Wood Coatings tinted to Mindful Grey for the top cabinets and Sea Serpent for the bottom cabinets and kitchen island, Grace on Broadway promises a kitchen transformation that surpasses your expectations. Let's explore why we choose quality industrial tools, including SurfPrep Sanders for sanding, Apollo Sprayers HVLP for high-quality paint spraying, and PaintLine drying racks for cabinet paint drying, in every project.

  1. ICA Wood Coatings: Unmatched Elegance and Durability: We are dedicated to use the best materials in our refinishing projects. ICA Wood Coatings tinted to Mindful Grey for the top cabinets and Sea Serpent for the bottom cabinets and kitchen island create a stunning and harmonious color palette. The Mindful Grey exudes sophistication and timelessness, while Sea Serpent adds a bold and captivating touch to the kitchen island and bottom cabinets. Beyond visual appeal, ICA Wood Coatings ensure outstanding durability, preserving the beauty of your kitchen for years to come.

  2. The Art of Surface Preparation with SurfPrep Sanders: At Grace on Broadway, the refinishing process begins with precision and finesse. SurfPrep Sanders play a pivotal role in achieving a smooth and even surface before the application of the coatings. With the SurfPrep Sanders' advanced technology, Grace on Broadway meticulously prepares the cabinets, ensuring that the ICA Wood Coatings adhere perfectly, guaranteeing a flawless finish that stands the test of time.
    Grace on Broadway Sanding using Surfprep sanding system

  3. Apollo Sprayers HVLP: Excellence in Paint Spraying: Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our work. Apollo Sprayers HVLP systems is our tool of choice for high-quality paint spraying. These state-of-the-art systems deliver a smooth and consistent application of the ICA Wood Coatings. The result is an even and lustrous finish that highlights the beauty of Mindful Grey and Sea Serpent, elevating your kitchen to a new level of sophistication.
    Grace on Broadway spray painting

  4. PaintLine Drying Racks: A Precise and Controlled Drying Process: Quality craftsmanship demands meticulous attention to detail, even in the drying process. Grace on Broadway employs PaintLine drying racks to ensure a precise and controlled environment for cabinet paint drying. These racks enable the coatings to cure evenly, enhancing the durability and beauty of the finished product. With PaintLine drying racks, Grace on Broadway ensures that your kitchen cabinets receive the care and attention they deserve throughout the refinishing process.

Grace on Broadway stands as the epitome of top-of-the-line refinishing expertise in New Jersey. With our use of premium ICA Wood Coatings tinted to Mindful Grey and Sea Serpent, combined with their dedication to perfection and quality, they delivered this kitchen transformation that is nothing short of extraordinary. Our choice of industrial tools, such as SurfPrep Sanders, Apollo Sprayers HVLP systems, and PaintLine drying racks, ensures impeccable results and a kitchen that exudes elegance and durability.

Trust Grace on Broadway to elevate your kitchen with their refined refinishing process. Contact us today and experience the beauty and sophistication that only the top-of-the-line refinishing experts can deliver. Discover the joy of a transformed kitchen that reflects your style and captivates your senses, courtesy of Grace on Broadway.

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Project Details:
  • ICA Wood Coatings
  • Uppers are Mindful Grey
  • Lowers Sea Serpent