What To Expect When You Hire Grace on Broadway Featuring a Powder Room Refinished with Cheating Heart and Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist Wood Coating

Hey there, fabulous readers! If you're dreaming of a furniture transformation that's straight out of your Pinterest boards, look no further than Grace on Broadway. I'm beyond excited to share some fantastic insights on what to expect when you hire us to refinish your beloved pieces. And guess what? I've got the perfect example to illustrate our magic—a powder room project that'll leave you in awe!

Imagine this: you've got a tired, worn-out piece of furniture that's seen better days. But you know it has potential, and that's where we come in. Let's take our client's powder room for instance. With Milesi Wood Coatings tinted in Cheating Heart for the cabinets and Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist for the walls, we turned this space into a vision of elegance and charm.

First things first, we're all about the details. Our refinishing process starts with meticulous sanding, thanks to our trusty Surfprep Sanders. These babies are like our secret weapon, preparing the surface to perfection. Say goodbye to scratches and imperfections—our sanders know how to work their magic!

Now, let's talk about colors. Our expert team knows exactly how to bring out the best in your furniture and space. With Milesi Wood Coatings tinted in Cheating Heart, we transformed those tired cabinets into a statement of sophistication. And let's not forget the Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist for the walls—it's all about creating a harmonious and captivating atmosphere.

As we worked our magic with the Apollo Sprayers, it was like watching a masterpiece come to life. With enthusiasm and precision, we sprayed the wood coatings onto the surface, achieving an even and lustrous finish. It's amazing how a simple sprayer can transform a space from drab to fab!

But our journey doesn't end there. Every masterpiece needs a resting ground like a caterpillar undergoing metamorphosis, and that's where the Paintline Drying Racks come into play. We carefully placed the freshly painted cabinets on these racks, allowing them to dry to perfection. It's all about the final touch of excellence!

What can you expect when you hire Grace on Broadway? Well, you can expect a team of passionate experts who treat your furniture as if it were their own. You can expect attention to every detail, from the sanding to the final brushstroke. You can expect a transformation that goes beyond aesthetics—it's about breathing new life into pieces that hold memories.

So, whether you're revamping your powder room or giving a beloved piece a second chance, Grace on Broadway is here to make your dreams a reality. Reach out to us today, and let's embark on a journey of refinement and beauty that'll leave you utterly amazed!

Now, see every bit of tips in action from these before, during, and after refinishing images to have an idea on how professionals do it.
Project Details:
  • Milesi Wood Coatings
  • Sanded super smooth with all of our SurfPrep Sanding products and machines
  • Sprayed with Apollo Sprayers HVLP
  • Color of Cabinets is Cheating Heart
  • Color of Walls Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist