The Creation of Maleficent

When I saw her I knew I had to have her.. Has that ever happened to you?  I remember the moment clearly it was as if fate brought us together.  The day started out like any other painting and chatting on the floor of my shop with Margaret my assistant.  A women and her daughter came in and told us of the closed restaurant having a sale on furniture and not just restaurant furniture but all types.  Well that's all it took to peak our interest!! We hung a "be back in a few sign" and off we went.  To be honest my hope's weren't high but I was excited for the hunt anyway! When we got there nothing but random pieces and small nothing amazing collectibles... I closed my store for this!! I turned a corner and headed into the next room.  As I was walking something pulled my eye to the left and there she was!! I had to have her!! She was coming back to the store with us no two  ways about it.  We worked out the deal... I was pumped because I'm not always great at that part!! He even agreed to deliver (only 2 blocks but still helpful) WIN!!! 

Once she was delivered it was the end of the day and I had to wait to decide what to do.  Sometimes that's best anyway as my imagination has time to wander!! I decided I wanted this piece to be darker than my normal work, almost moody but elegant.  Aubergine a deep purple by Dixie Belle Paint Company fit the bill.  Now I had a vision time to get started!! 

I have included the products that I used with links.  These are affiliate links and will not cost you any extra money.  The small bit of commission that I get will help me to continue to create, write and teach. 

Step One: Take everything out of drawers!  There was A LOT in them.  We found several well made cotton blankets, some pretty hair clips and 34 cents!! Score!! The drawers also had a liner that we made sure to remove. 

Step Two: Clean with White Lightning by Dixie Belle.  You will need two buckets of hot water and a tablespoon of white lightning cleaner.  The cleaner is in powder form and will dissolve once mixed.  I use a microfiber cloth to clean furniture as I think it grabs all the yucky stuff better.  The water in your bucket will turn dark brown, the grosser the better!! That means you got all that ick off your furniture,  It is super important to get your furniture as clean as possible for proper adhesion.  Once you're satisfied that you have all the grime off the dresser you can take another microfiber rag and do a clean clear water wipe.  This will get any additional dirt off as well as any of the remaining cleaner.  Congratulations the boring part is done!!



 Microfiber Rags 

Step Three: Finally time for paint to go on!! I did 2 full coats of Aubergine by Dixie Belle Paint. I use Dixie Belle synthetic brushes they're amazing and well worth the money!  Aubergine went on really well with the first coat almost full coverage.  I wanted to make sure that when I sanded back there was enough paint applied so it didn't distress with every swipe of the sandpaper, so I applied 2 full coats.  

Step Four: I used my brand new Surfprep Sander to sand the top down.  I hooked my sander to my shop vac and was able to sand IN MY STORE!!! This was an amazing moment for me!!   Game changing.. No need to drag outside.. just sand!! Who knew!! This sander also has a foam pad that allows you to sand in raised and recessed area's with absolute ease!  You can save 10% off your surfprep order using our code!! Next up I need a bigger shop vac and a longer hose, I attached links for the ones I am ordering. Code BELLES10

  Shop Vac 



Step Five: Stain top with No Pain Gel Stain in Espresso by Dixie Belle Paint.  It's a gorgeous dark brown almost black... remember she's moody!! Gel stain is oil based so make sure you're wearing gloves.  I don't often follow the rules but with oil stain I tend to follow the wear gloves rule.  If for nothing else I don't want to walk around with stained hands.  I find that it is completely worth it to get the good disposable gloves.  They won't break and they're not terrible to wear, once you're done BOOM straight in the garbage! No clean up!!  I use a T-shirt Rag to wipe on the stain and another cleaner T-shirt rag to wipe it back.  


T-shirt rags 

Step Six:  Time to sand!! I like to sand all of my work regardless of if I want a distressed look or not.  This time I sanded by hand using 220 grit sand paper.  I didn't want to come down to the wood tones so this is where that second coat of paint really came in handy.  Thinking ahead can save you time later in the process.  I find that pieces that are sanded soft feel more finished. 


Step Seven: Use Best dang wax in black for the front, sides and mirror.  I used a tshirt rag and wiped on as I buffed.  You will not need a lot of the wax as it's one of those products where a little goes a long way!! 

Step Seven: I was pondering what to do next.  I loved that most of the piece was dark and moody however it needed something.  I didn't want to add florals or decoupage as I was sitting on the floor pondering what to do next in comes Fed Ex.  I was as excited as a kid on Christmas because I knew what was in the box!!  It was all of Dixie Belle Paint Company's new products!! I used Howdy Do Hemp Oil for the top!! It was so easy peasy just a wipe on with a T-shirt rag and wipe back off with a clean one.  Now that the top was nice and shiny what should I add to the front.  Margaret and I stared at the five new metallic colors and settled on Steel Magnolias metallic for the accent areas and hardware!!  Check out the difference between the original finish and the hardware painted with Steel Magnolias.  

Once the hardware is back on She's done!! How do you know when it's done... You just do!! It's when you can sit back and smile all the way deep in your heart.   You just know it's complete.  When there is nothing else that can be added without taking away. 


As I looked at her I also knew her name would be Maleficent!! With her colors and her curves she was fated to be created.  " Don't let anyone steal your wings" Maleficent 


Total Products used: 

Dixie Belle White Lightning 

Dixie Belle Aubergine 

Dixie Belle Moonlight Metallic's Steel Magnolia 

Dixie Belle No Pain Gel stain Espresso

Dixie Belle Howdy Do Hemp Oil 

T-shirt rags

220 Sandpaper 

Surfprep Sander 

Dixie Belle Synthetic Paint Brushes 


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    Thank you so much for your time. Have a blessed rest of your day!

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