Wooden Quilted Heart D.I.Y Valentine's Day Décor

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and the best way to get your guests feel that your decorations really came from the heart is to make them yourself. Using a couple simple products, that you may even have left over from all your other crafty endeavors we can get these blank hearts full of love!! We used découpage paper, water-based topcoat as découpage glue, stains, and chalk paint.

The products used for this project are as follows:

Peacock - Gilding Jewels - Ms. Lillian's Chock Paint
Southern Junkers Mother Nature - Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paint
Malted - Ms. Lillian's Chock Paint
Havana Roses - Grace on Design Decoupage Pack
Wood Stain – Black
Luster Protective Topcoat - Miss. Lillian's Chock Paint

Step 1 - The 1st thing that I did is staining the wooden quilted heart with Black Wood stain. I used black because I wanted each outline of my heart to be dark, you could choose any color that you would want your outline to be. Make sure that your stain is dry before moving on to step Two.

wooden quilted heart

Step 2 - Align and cut the découpage paper using a razor blade so that we don’t have to worry later about wet paint.

Aligned Decoupage on Wooden Quilted Heart

Step 3 - Paint the all the strips of your quilt that you want. This can be in any order, or any colors you want. I used Peacock in the middle, Malted in the left strip, and Southern Junkers Mother Nature on the right. I painted carefully trying not to get too much color in the outline areas. However if you do no worries, once it’s dry just take a baby art brush and go over with a touch of black paint and voila all is well in the world!!

Painted Quilted Heart

Step 4 - Use topcoat on the strip where you want to put the découpage on. You’ll want an even coverage that is just a touch above “thin”. Too much Top Coat will soak the paper and not enough will dry too quickly and won’t grab paper. So think of the three little bears you want that in between “just right”.

 Wooden Quilted Heart Top Coat

5th Step - Place the découpage on the strip with the topcoat on and use the blue flat tool to get the bubbles out as we work our paper down our strip.
Note - Just in case there’s parts of the découpage paper that didn’t stick while placing it, just add more topcoat to the board and keep applying the paper. Apply just as above using your blue tool to smooth out any bubbles.

Bubble Removal On Quilted Heart

6th Step - After the découpage is fixed in place and paper edges are dry, use your razor blade to cut the excess papers.



Finish Product

Grace On Broadway Wooden Quilted Heart


This method can also be applied to any kind of project, so be sure to explore and don’t be afraid to use what you learned here to make your very own furniture art!


Watch the full video tutorial for this project here


  • This is so cute.. Where did you get heart shape and the paper?where did you purchase the paint colors .Thanks

  • This is super cute! I love the decoupage with the paint. :) xo


    Do Dodson

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