Easy Easter Baskets for Teens

Hey Ladies ...
Not kitchen or furniture ... more life-related. It's almost Easter, and I have big kids. They are 13 & 15, and they still want to celebrate and have baskets. I don't think that Easter needs to be all the gifts, just some cute, fun things, and candy.. gotta have some candy. But what do you get?? Seriously, what are you getting for your teens?

While shopping around, I created this in case you needed ideas, too!! I love the puzzle eggs. I'll add a different element to the hunt.. find the eggs, solve the puzzle, and win a prize?? I want the bunny Lego set 😆 fun pens 🖊 ... outside games because... go outside!! 🤣🤣
What are you ladies doing? or what did you do for your kids?

  • Get ready to make memories and enjoy endless laughs with this inflatable basket game set - the perfect addition to any outdoor adventure!
  • Crafted from durable plastic, these spinning pens are built to last and ensure endless hours of entertainment.
  • Test logic and creative minds with this cool yet simple brain teaser. These brain games are perfect for passing time, fidgeting, and avoiding gadgets and electronics. They’re a healthier way to practice focus and concentration.
  • Each balm is infused with responsibly sourced beeswax, nourishing oils and butter for a conditioning lip treatment that keeps your lips happy, healthy and juicy.
  • Over 100 egg-citing and hilarious "Would You Rather" questions crafted especially for teenagers including Instagram and TikrokikTok questions for some egg-stra fun!
  • This LEGO Creator set makes the perfect addition to your little ones' Easter baskets. It's also a great birthday gift for animal-loving kids
  • Classic NERDS candies heaped on a delicious red gummy center to make tasty bite-sized clusters too good for words! Each NERDS gummy cluster pack a berry flavorful punch.
  • Kanoodle includes 200 addicting 2D & 3D puzzles from beginner basic to deviously difficult; there are hundreds of possible combinations, but only one correct answer.